Errington Pet Lodge Takes the Lead

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Errington Pet Lodge is one of the most trusted names in the Oceanside area for Pet Boarding and Grooming. Understandably, Tara as owner and operator, is very... very busy. We had a look at what we could do for Tara and we noticed that a lot of their time was spent on scheduling and tracking appointments. After a short consultation with Tara, we were able to determine what her old system did, how it worked, what they liked about it and how it could be improved. Once we had determined all of their needs, we researched current softwares and applications available in her field. We found a leading software that not only automates her scheduling and invoicing, reducing the time spent on these tasks tremendously, but it generates reports for her accountant, automatic emails for her clients and manages client information in an incredibly organized fashion. Clutter be gone! Welcome efficiency and productivity! Tara and her staff are busy mastering this new system and Errington Pet Lodge clients will soon be able to schedule their appointments online, saving them time and hassle and making Errington Pet Lodge the first in the area to offer online booking. Errington Pet Lodge will now not only be known for its personalized service and incredible commitment to its furry guests, but also for being impressively accessible and convenient.

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