Created clean, simple website for Doodle Dapple Daycare

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Debbie needed a quick, simple, clean website to showcase her business, Doodle Dapple Daycare. We created this simple brochure website, designed to educate her potential clients and help them with the important decisions involved in choosing a daycare for their children. We used pre-existing platforms and were very pleased to provide Debbie with this website in less than a week and at a fraction of the cost of standard web design rates. We also included an automated online registration form for Debbie to save her, and her customers' time.

We have not engaged in SEO or marketing for this site yet, but we put a few simple tools in place so that Debbie will show up in google searches very soon. Check out Doodle's new site at

#BrandingampPositioning #SaveMoney

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