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Why make a business out of helping small businesses?

Because it's extremely effective.  Business owners are often so immersed in doing the everyday tasks involved in running their business that business development can stall or stop entirely.  But when you have someone on your team who has a bird's eye view of your business, who can see what needs to be done next to transform your business and who can help you do it, well that's powerful.  It gives you an edge that your competition doesn't have.  It gives you the support you need to realize your goals.

That's why I work exclusively with small business owners. I help them to define their goals, identify the systems that they wish to use or develop and then we work together to integrate those systems into their business. It's a hands-on approach to helping business owners transform their businesses and their lives.
~Erica Mustard
Small Business Management Coordinator


Erica has been and continues to be a real boost and support for Epic.  She walked us through logo developmentorganized our finances, got our signage for our vehicles and job sites and created and implemented our hiring strategy, to name a few things.  We're about to move on to marketing strategies.  It's been a real pleasure working with Erica and I look forward to working with her on the next steps in the journey to building a great company.

When I approached Erica about building a website for my daycare I had no idea that within 8 weeks I would have a beautiful website that not only looks great but represents my daycare so well.  Erica created almost all the content for the site and it was very easy to collaborate with her.  She even added a super convenient registration form to the site which saves everyone time and effort.  Within a few weeks we went live and we recently checked the site's status in google.  If you google "Daycare Errington" my site shows up  in 1st place, even above Yellow Pages, Yelp and other listing sites!

Debbie / Owner / Doodle Dapple Daycare

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